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Tank Yellowjacket | MOTIV

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Introducing the Tank Yellowjacket, the ultimate choice for dominating challenging environments. The Tank line is already known for its exceptional control, but the Yellowjacket Tour Edition takes it to the next level with a microcell polymer (MCP) overstock featuring Motiv’s new Duramax additive. This innovative technology gives you a strong urethane-like shape while being adaptive to finish adjustments.

Color Yellow/Black
Core Flux
Core Type Symmetrical
Coverstock Frixion M5 Solid Microcell Polymer (MCP)
Coverstock Type Microcell Polymer
Differential (DIFF) .015 (15lb)
Factory Finish 1000 Grit LSS
Flare Potential Low
Performance Mid Performance
Radius of Gyration (RG) 2.57 (15lb)
Reaction Type Smooth Controlled Motion on Drier Lane Conditions
Recommended Lane Conditions Light Oil/Shorter Patterns
Release Date 07-12-2023
X Factor Hook Rating Scale (1-20) 14